Every morning I look for inspiration to get up. Sometimes I can find it in the little things (like checking my work email or texts from my friends), and sometimes I need to feel understood on a deeper level to feel like I can physically take on the day again. This morning I read an article in The New York Times entitled: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Have a Headache. The hope conveyed in that piece gave me the inspiration I needed to get up.

I’m a high-functioning person with a debilitating secret: I have had an…

So what’s actually in each of these Intimate Health categories? What are some of the business model, end market, and funding trends? Read below for all four market maps: FemTech, SexTech, FamTech, and RelationshipTech!

FemTech Market

FemTech Market Map:

In my previous article, I gave an overview of the Intimate Health space and customer and sector tailwinds. There are additional tailwinds (channel and regulatory) to discuss and I would be remiss if I didn’t detail some important potential headwinds, and provide some fun FAQs!

Channel Tailwinds:

Continued Growth in eCommerce:

The widespread usage of ecommerce platforms (and eventually pseudonymous or anonymous cryptocurrencies) enables consumers to buy more taboo products discreetly online.

Explosive Growth in Telehealth:

There has been a rapid rise in telehealth usage as a reaction to COVID. While many experts expect that, post-COVID, the majority of important health interactions will shift back to the physician’s office, the…

HCIT, digital health, fintech, robotics, life sciences — these are all widely discussed areas of interest among the VC and startup communities. It would be easy for others to understand an interest in those spaces. However, when I comment that my area of interest is sexual wellness and female health, the first questions that I often get asked are “So you mean like vibrators?” or “So that has something to do with sex and vaginas?” While both are technically true, the area that I’m focused on is much broader.

Consider this view: the world runs on money and sex. If…

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